Crossing the Finish Line

My Christmas knitting is done!!!

I wove in the last end this morning. It feels great that I managed to get it all done on time again this year and with plenty of time to spare too. Now I just have to make sure everything is washed, blocked and wrapped and ready to go which shouldn’t be too hard. I think I’m going to write a big reveal post for after Christmas, I can’t wait to show you everything I have been working on these past months!

In the mean time I think I will work on some fun, easy  and quick projects. I’m thinking some mittens and hats and maybe a shawl too. It’s an odd feeling just picking whatever project I feel like working on without needing to think about long range knitting plans.


Winter is Hat Season 

I’m still plugging away at that last Christmas gift for this year and it’s coming along well but I’ve been making a couple of small projects on the side. And somehow, since it’s starting to get cold outside, they’ve all been hats. 

I finished the hat for myself last week but I somehow never got around to posting about it so without further ado, here it is. 

I really like how this turned out, it’s warm, comfortable, looks good and it doesn’t push my glasses down my face when I wear it. What more could I want in a hat? 

I’ve also been crocheting hats the past week which has been surprisingly enjoyable, it just has a different rhythm than knitting and it’s been nice for a bit of variety. I’m also really enjoying just being able to pick up a hook and some yarn and make a hat, no swatching or math required.  

I think I’ll make some more hats and then I might switch to mittens for a while, either way it’ll be lots of fun!

Year of the Socks: Finished!

It’s hard to believe but I met my secret crazy goal for the year on Friday, I finished the 24th and final pair of socks this year!

Green socks

These are the Petty Harbour socks I started back in September and then got put on hold so I could take a chunk out of my Christmas knitting plans but I finally got around to finishing them this week. They were actually a lot of fun to knit especially considering that they have such a simple and repetitive stitch pattern but it felt like I just powered through them. I think I will probably make another pair of these next year and maybe one of the Hermione’s Everyday Socks as well since they have quite a similar feel to them.

I think I am finally getting the hang of sock fitting too as these socks fit great. I think that my main problem before was making the foot and leg too large but then making a very small gusset to compensate (which doesn’t work), so a narrower foot and larger gusset seems to be perfect for me.


I’m not sure what happened with the pooling on the feet of these socks, they were knit exactly the same and within a week of each other so I can’t figure out why they have such different size stripes. I guess it makes them a bit more fun to wear though so I’m not too fussed about it.

Now that I have met my goal for the sock knitting this year I can breathe a bit easier and just work on my final Christmas knitting project and get it done on time. I don’t think that I am going to work on any more socks this year as I kinda like the idea of leaving it at a rounded 24 pairs and I’ve been feeling like making myself a new hat lately and I think I will try to do that and maybe knit some mittens before the end of the year since I got some special needles for them which I think will make them much more enjoyable to knit (More on this in a future post). The hat I am working on designing myself since I didn’t see anything that was exactly what I wanted and that would work with the yarn that I had too. Maybe if it turns out really well and I am feeling adventurous I will write up an actual pattern for it but either way I’m having a lot of fun with it and it will be lovely to have a new hat.

With all the goal and Christmas knitting drawing to a close I will be blogging a lot more now which will be great. I can’t wait to share what I am working on with you all again, I have really missed that in the past while when I have had to keep what I am working on a secret so as not to ruin the surprises.

Happy Knitting!

An In-Frequent Finished Object Friday!

I finished the sweater on time! And I’m so happy with it, it looks and feels great. I wish I could show you a better picture but it’ll have to wait until I have someone to take it for me, hopefully I can get one this weekend. Here’s a peek for now anyways.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!


Lately I’ve been knitting socks exclusively and I’ve almost finished two pairs but I noticed yesterday that I was developing a finger slice from the small needles again so I decided that it was time to knit some larger sized projects again. So I pulled out the sweater I have on te needles again. 

As soon as I started going on it I just didn’t want to set it down and just felt like finishing it. I probably knit 7 inches or so on it last night! At this rate I wonder how long it will take me to finish this.

On a related note, here’s the pair of socks I finished the other day. They’re the Oh Valencia pattern by Kate Atherley and I knit them for a knit along in her group.

Finished Socks and New (to me) Sock Knitting Discoveries

The Gimli Socks are finished and they look great!

I cast on the Boromir socks today too but they’re not much to look at yet so I will show pictures another time when I’ve made progress.

On a much more interesting note, the past few days have been full of learning about sock construction and sock knitting techniques. I recently acquired the book Custom Socks by Kate Atherley which I am finding very educational on matters of sock fit and is full of beautiful patterns (I plan on making quite a few of them in the near future so stay tuned).

My mom and I also ended up looking through some old knitting magazines of her’s and in a very old black and white one we came across a method of turning the heel on a sock so that it is easily replaceable, which I found incredibly clever and very interesting. It’s called the Beehive Aladdin Heel if anyone is interested in looking it up themselves but the main idea of it seems to be to break your yarn in strategic places and not to pick up stitched for the gusset in the heel so that the whole heel can be removed without messing up the rest of the sock. I think it’s a genius “thinking about the end product” solution to sock heels and I am definitely going to be trying it out in the near future as well.

A Spinning Sort of Day 

I woke up this morning and found myself with a bunch of unexpected free time so I decided to do some spinning today. 

 I finally finished spinning the singles for this yarn and plied it. This was some random locks that I bought a while ago just to try spinning from a different fibre prep. I soon discovered that it was very low quality stuff, very matted and a huge range in staple length, from 1.5 to 8 inches or so. It really was a difficult spin but I’m glad that it’s finally off the spindle. It actually had quite a nice halo to it and is fairly thin. I don’t know how I managed it (well actually I do, it’s because I set it down for 4 months and left it) but I some how managed to switch which direction I was spinning the singles part way through so probably around 60% of it is accidentally an opposing twist yarn. I also decided to try an Andean plying bracelet this time which I’m sure would have worked great except that I screwed up the wrapping pattern once in the middle and it just wouldn’t run after than so I had to painfully rewind it all in the middle of plying which was horribly awkward. The making of this yarn really wasn’t ideal in any way but I think it turned out alright so it doesn’t matter now it’s done. 
I also finally had some time today to mend the huge hole in the butt of my favourite jeans which I have not had time/been putting off for months. I think it turned out well and I am wearing them as I write this post.

The reason I like these jeans so much is that I did some really awesome artistic embroidery mending on the front of them which I think makes them even more awesome than they were before. 

Finally I decided to work on the silk hankies spinning project which I have been working on for who knows how long because I want to finish it as soon as possible too so I can free up my spindles.