The Great Reveal, Christmas Cast-On and One Year Aniversary

Today is going to be a special picture heavy post for a couple of reasons, its Christmas so I can finally show you everything that I have been working on for the past little while, it’s the one year anniversary of my blog and I wanted to make a special post today but I also didn’t want to write too much because I want to spend time with my family. So here it is, the great reveal!
Business Casual for my mom.
Syncopation Socks for my dad.

A Fretboard Scarf for my brother.


Police Box Sox for Bilbo.

Inlay socks for Bilbo’s mom.


A hat of my own design for Bilbo’s dad.

The Fellowship of the Socks (not all pictured above) have all been given to some very special friends. (A more in-depth post about this later).


I don’t thin this counts exactly as I think I’ve shown you these already but I feel like they should be part of the post because they’re Christmas related knitting. It’s a pair of Petty Harbour socks for myself that I have been saving as my first time wear handknit socks for Christmas.

Now with all that gift knitting done and given, its time to cast on something fun and for myself and since I enjoyed starting a shawl on Christmas last year so much, I decided to make the shawl Indian Feathers my Christmas Cast-On this year. I am using Grand River Sock from Agrestal Yarn for it and it is a lovely yarn that is dyed by a friend and I think I am going to enjoy knitting with it very much. The pattern also looks like it should be very enjoyable, I can’t wait to try the nupps (I’ve never done them before but I always think they look great in lace).


Happy knitting and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Crossing the Finish Line

My Christmas knitting is done!!!

I wove in the last end this morning. It feels great that I managed to get it all done on time again this year and with plenty of time to spare too. Now I just have to make sure everything is washed, blocked and wrapped and ready to go which shouldn’t be too hard. I think I’m going to write a big reveal post for after Christmas, I can’t wait to show you everything I have been working on these past months!

In the mean time I think I will work on some fun, easy  and quick projects. I’m thinking some mittens and hats and maybe a shawl too. It’s an odd feeling just picking whatever project I feel like working on without needing to think about long range knitting plans.


Year of the Socks: Finished!

It’s hard to believe but I met my secret crazy goal for the year on Friday, I finished the 24th and final pair of socks this year!

Green socks

These are the Petty Harbour socks I started back in September and then got put on hold so I could take a chunk out of my Christmas knitting plans but I finally got around to finishing them this week. They were actually a lot of fun to knit especially considering that they have such a simple and repetitive stitch pattern but it felt like I just powered through them. I think I will probably make another pair of these next year and maybe one of the Hermione’s Everyday Socks as well since they have quite a similar feel to them.

I think I am finally getting the hang of sock fitting too as these socks fit great. I think that my main problem before was making the foot and leg too large but then making a very small gusset to compensate (which doesn’t work), so a narrower foot and larger gusset seems to be perfect for me.


I’m not sure what happened with the pooling on the feet of these socks, they were knit exactly the same and within a week of each other so I can’t figure out why they have such different size stripes. I guess it makes them a bit more fun to wear though so I’m not too fussed about it.

Now that I have met my goal for the sock knitting this year I can breathe a bit easier and just work on my final Christmas knitting project and get it done on time. I don’t think that I am going to work on any more socks this year as I kinda like the idea of leaving it at a rounded 24 pairs and I’ve been feeling like making myself a new hat lately and I think I will try to do that and maybe knit some mittens before the end of the year since I got some special needles for them which I think will make them much more enjoyable to knit (More on this in a future post). The hat I am working on designing myself since I didn’t see anything that was exactly what I wanted and that would work with the yarn that I had too. Maybe if it turns out really well and I am feeling adventurous I will write up an actual pattern for it but either way I’m having a lot of fun with it and it will be lovely to have a new hat.

With all the goal and Christmas knitting drawing to a close I will be blogging a lot more now which will be great. I can’t wait to share what I am working on with you all again, I have really missed that in the past while when I have had to keep what I am working on a secret so as not to ruin the surprises.

Happy Knitting!

Almost ready for Christmas 

I finished annother Christmas gift yesterday, I’ve been steadily working away at it for the last little while and with that last project done I realized that I only have one more to finish before Christmas. I’m almost there! Suddenly my crazy knitting plans feel so much more manageable and I think I will be able to finish it all on time after all, I’m so happy about that. 

As a quick little diversion/treat yesterday I carded a little rolag to spin up fine on my tiny Turkish spindle. It’s a wool and silk blend and is gorgeously soft and a joy to spin. 

I can’t wait to get back to spinning after my Christmas knitting is done!

Christmas Thoughts

Its only just begun to be fall but already my mind has turned to the winter season. After all it’s full blown Christmas knitting season now! I’ve got a fairly good list of people to knit for this year so I’ve got a lot to do in the next few months. Some of those people read or know of my blog so I probably won’t be able to post too many project pictures until after Christmas (I’m thinking a big post with all of them all together might be fun) but I’ll try to come up with some other interesting things to talk about until then and I’m sure I will have some other unrelated projects too. 

Are any of you knitters and spinners out there gearing up for Christmas now? Are you planning on giving many handmade gifts this year? I would love hear your thoughts or plans about Christmas knitting! 

P.S. Happy first day of fall!