Episode 22: Progress!

Hello everyone! So I recorded this episode a while ago but never got around to editing and uploading it until now, oops… anyways writing the show notes is going to be a bit harder than usual this time since it’s been so long so I’m really sorry if I miss anything. But lets get down to it now, here’s the episode, there’s lots of progress to show this time at least so I hope it will have been worth the wait (next episode will probably have a lot too since its been so long between recording).

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Show Notes


Happenstance Shawl


Birdsong Socks using Blankety Blanks from Baaa’d Girl Yarns

Blue Sky Mining Vanilla Socks

Stash Acquisition

Sweet Paprika

The Blue Brick Canada 150 colourway

Robosheep Yarns

Up Next

Finishing my Dropping Madness Socks

Good Vibes Pride Shawl


Well that’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed this very belated episode. I would love to hear from you, comments and likes are always welcome! The next episode should be a lot less time in coming so I will hopefully be posting another again soon.

Happy Knitting everyone!

Episode X: 2016 Christmas Edition

Hello everyone! Welcome to a very special podcast episode this time, it’s the Christmas edition!!! I prerecorded this before I wrapped and gave all the gifts that I couldn’t show on the podcast in case the recipients would see them and now that they are all given I am releasing it. I’ve been bursting at the seams to share this since I have been keeping it all secret for what seems like ages so this seemed like a good way to share my thoughts but not give anything away.

This is also my first podcast recorded on my phone and edited with some new software and I am hoping that it will give a better quality podcast. Please let me know what you think of it and whether you think it is an improvement or not.

I think that that’s enough announcements for now so lets get to the show, I hope you enjoy it!

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Show Notes


Vanilla Christmas Socks

Knitted Snowflakes (I can’t remember which ones I ended up showing on here but I ended up knitting three patterns. They can be found here, here and here.)


Smokestack Socks

Two Sockhead Hats

The pattern of the hat I knit Josiah years ago is the Husband Beanie in case anyone was wondering.

Tea: Earl Grey

Thanks for watching everyone, I hope you enjoyed hearing about everything that I have been so excited to be working on lately and I hope that you all have had a very merry Christmas and that you will enjoy the rest of the holiday season!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

Episode 15: Back Again

Hey everyone, I know I said last time that I was going to record more often and here I am now 3 months later finally out with a new episode but life has been so crazy lately I just haven’t been able to make a podcast. But I’m back again now so I hope you enjoy this week’s episode!

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Show Notes


None this time since all of what I am working on is secret Christmas knitting for people who might see it here.


Advent, Advent Socks

Four hats not knit from a pattern (sometimes inspired by other things though, for example the Stitch Surfer Socks)

Hermione’s Everyday Socks

Le Moelleux (the squishy) Shawl

Namita Sweater


Something to make with the gradient set I got from Sweet Paprika Yarns. I was thinking either 


But I would love your opinion on which to knit!

I’m also thinking that I will knit some socks out of one of the Blue Brick Yarns gradient sock sets but I’m not sure which one yet (I have the long beach and labradorite colourways) or which colour I should put at the toes.

Alpaca DK weight yarn (I forgot to write the company down and I don’t have it with me now)

Spin Cycle’s Dyed in the Wool

Blinkwaffle Bag 

Tea: Chai Darling from Tealish

Thanks for watching everyone and thanks for coming back and watching after my unexpected 3 month long break. Hopefully I can keep up with everything a bit better now and it won’t be so long between episodes.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

Episode 10: Exciting New Cast-Ons!

Hey everyone, the next episode is out now!

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Show Notes


Purple Stripey Vanilla Socks

Paddock Cardigan

Exploration Station Shawl

Geometric Throw Blanket




Ender’s Game

47 Ronin

Great British Castles


Blood Drive by Jeanne Stein

Podcasts: Not exactly a podcast but I felt I should put the link here, Rib Magazine

Tea: Happy Kombucha from David’s Tea

Blather: There will be some new chatter threads coming for the ravelry group soon such as as a Care to Share what you are knitting? thread and a Check out this cool pattern! thread. If you have any other ideas for threads please leave a comment, ideas for what to do would be really great.


I hope you all enjoyed today’s episode, I hope you all have a great week and happy knitting!

Episode 7: Enjoying Brioche

Hey everyone! Here’s this week’s episode and the show notes:

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Show Notes


Le Moelleux (The Squishy) Shawl

Sophie Sweater


Socks for my Grandma

Jackie Shawl (forgot to mention it in the podcast itself, oops!)


Sticks + Twine

The Bakery Bears

Tea: Rooibos


Well I hope you all enjoyed the podcast and I wish you all happy knitting this week!

Busy Busy Busy 

I haven’t had much time to knit lately because life has been so busy, so I really don’t have anything to show you at the moment on that front. However, I do have something else to show you that I have been sneaking into the little gaps of time that might be interesting. Here’s a peak

It’s an adult colouring book!  This one is called Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford but there are quite a few other really nice ones out there too. It’s actually super fun and really relaxing to work on and I’ve really been enjoying it. I think what I like so much about it is the creative aspect of being able to choose the colours of drawing but without the stress of stuff not looking the way you intend it to (because I’m really just no good at drawing).

It takes me quite a while to finish each page as I colour very carefully and I do it in small stints but it’s kinda cool looking at a picture come to life day by day so I don’t mind at all. This one will probably be done in a few days more.

IMG_3166 crop

I hope this was at least mildly interesting, hopefully soon I’ll have something substantial on the needles again that I can share and get back to regular content posts.