Episode 23: Finally Some Finishing

Hey everyone, I feel like I’m finally back in the groove with knitting and recording now. And even better, I have a tonne of stuff to show you this week!

Bits and Bobs

The Ravelry Group

My Instagram


Show Notes


Happenstance Shawl

Dropping Madness Socks

Orange hat out of Riverside Studios leftovers from my Le Moelleux Shawl



Good Vibes Shawl out of The Blue Brick Pride colourway and Sweet Paprika Crescendo greyscale gradient yarn.


Hoopla hat out of Georgian Bay Fibre Co Yarn

Fixing my Hermione’s Everyday Socks that my roommate’s dog got to




Tea: 4 o’clock English breakfast tea that came with my Sweet Paprika order

Well I hope you enjoyed today’s episode, I know I enjoyed recording it! If you did enjoy it please do leave a like, it always makes me smile to know that people enjoy it. Also, I would love to hear from you as well, so if you have anything to say please do leave a comment and I’ll do my best to get back to you soon.

Anyways that’s all for today so until next time, Happy Knitting everyone!

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