Episode 20: Haircut and Convocation!

Hey Everyone! I recorded another episode and it’s now out. A lot of exciting stuff happened for me since the last one so there’s lots of chatting in this one but not too much knitting to show for it. It still should be a fun episode though 🙂

Bits and Bobs

The Ravelry Group

My Instagram


Show Notes


Blue Sky Mining Vanilla Socks

Happenstance Shawl

Birdsong Socks using Blankety Blanks from Baaa’d Girl Yarns


Sockhead Hat


Rib Magazine Issue 2: Navigate

PomPom Quarterly 5th Anniversary Edition

The Blue Brick: Pride Colourway


Tea: Water in a mug

I hope you enjoyed the episode today, I sure enjoyed recording it anyways! If you did, please leave a like or a comment somewhere, I would love to hear from you!

That’s all for today I think, so I hope you have a great week and Happy Knitting!

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