Episode 15: Back Again

Hey everyone, I know I said last time that I was going to record more often and here I am now 3 months later finally out with a new episode but life has been so crazy lately I just haven’t been able to make a podcast. But I’m back again now so I hope you enjoy this week’s episode!

Bits and Bobs

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Show Notes


None this time since all of what I am working on is secret Christmas knitting for people who might see it here.


Advent, Advent Socks

Four hats not knit from a pattern (sometimes inspired by other things though, for example the Stitch Surfer Socks)

Hermione’s Everyday Socks

Le Moelleux (the squishy) Shawl

Namita Sweater


Something to make with the gradient set I got from Sweet Paprika Yarns. I was thinking either 


But I would love your opinion on which to knit!

I’m also thinking that I will knit some socks out of one of the Blue Brick Yarns gradient sock sets but I’m not sure which one yet (I have the long beach and labradorite colourways) or which colour I should put at the toes.

Alpaca DK weight yarn (I forgot to write the company down and I don’t have it with me now)

Spin Cycle’s Dyed in the Wool

Blinkwaffle Bag 

Tea: Chai Darling from Tealish

Thanks for watching everyone and thanks for coming back and watching after my unexpected 3 month long break. Hopefully I can keep up with everything a bit better now and it won’t be so long between episodes.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

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