A Second Sunshine Sock Series Set

I mean to write this post on the weekend so I could add another S word to the title, but I forgot so oh well, better late than never right? But as you may have guessed, I’ve finished the second pair of socks in my sunshine sock series! I think they turned out really well too and I’m very happy with them.

I especially love the colour of them with the pattern for some reason, it just seems perfect to me. I also think the “rougher” texture of the yarn (it’s not really that rough, just not as smooth as most commercial sock yarns because of the mohair in it) goes really well with cables so I’m really happy with this yarn and pattern pairing. These socks were knit with Agrestal Yarns Grand River Sock in Butternut and the pattern is the Tauriel sock pattern by Josiah Bain. The cable pattern in these socks was very pleasant mix of interesting and stimulating but also predictable so you never get bored but you’re also not struggling with which direction to cross on each row. I think I might make another pair of them sometime after I knit a few more socks that I have been wanting to knit for a while.


One of those pairs of socks I have been wanting to knit for a while is my Hagrid Socks and I have finally started them. This is a sock pattern of my own design which was inspired by the Harry Potter Books which I re-read recently and which I think I will be writing up and releasing at some point. It’s a lovely lumpy and bumpy sock pattern (which doesn’t feel as bumpy as it looks when it is on your foot) which I think could be something that Hagrid would knit for himself and wear and I’m very happy with how they are working up so far.

The stitch pattern is actually pretty simple and very easy to memorize and I just blew through the knitting of the first sock so quickly. It is knit toe up and involves a bit of a different than usual type of toe (which I think might be my favourite actually) and a short-row heel.

I am going to be looking for test knitters soon for this pattern so if anyone is interested in test knitting this for me please message me or something!

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