Sunshine Socks

I’ve finished pair number 1! In case I forgot to post about these (because I probably did) there are knit using the Monte Cristo Socks pattern by Caoua Coffee and I’ve knit it out of Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in the Saffron Colourway.

I am so happy with these, the look and feel great and it was so much fun to knit with the bright yellow yarn. So much fun in fact (as I knew it would be) that I’ve cast on the second pair already.

These are going to be the Tauriel Socks by Josiah Bain as I’m making them in Agrestal Yarn’s Grand River Sock in the colour way Butternut. I’m really loving it so far, the colour is great and I love a good twisted rib. These will probably go pretty fast as I’m just feeling like knitting socks again after the shawl kick that I’ve been on the past little while.

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