Warning: Unattended Socks will be Photographed

My brother likes photography, and he takes fantastic and creative pictures that I never would have thought to take. I am beginning to think that we really need a sign like this though. As you all know, I’m a knitter and I really enjoy knitting socks. I do give a lot of them away but I do have quite a few socks myself and I wear them almost exclusively. The below picture was taken of my dirty socks pile that was waiting for me to wash them. I was not expecting them to be the subject of a picture at all and I was so surprised when he showed me this picture but it looks pretty cool and I like it a lot, so even if it is a picture of my dirty socks I can’t complain.

I think I am going to see if he will take some intentional pictures of some of my other projects for me since he takes such nice pictures.


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