Shawls, Shawls and More Shawls

I have been knitting pretty much only shawls this past week and I finished two! One is a test knit that I can’t show you yet but will after the pattern comes out and the other is my Christmas Cast on from last year. The pattern is Indian Feathers by Alina Appasov and I made it in Agrestal Yarn’s Grand River Sock in the Amethyst Colourway.

I haven’t blocked it yet so the lace still looks like purple lettuce but stretched out it looks like this, hopefully I will be able to get it blocked soon so I can show a picture that actually does it justice.

I found that for this pattern once I got past the three rows with nupps the shawl just flew by and I really enjoyed it. I wonder if there is a trick out there to do nupps without struggling to get your needle through all the stitches.

I took this project with me when me and Bilbo visited the yarn shop this weekend and we had a nice little knit and visit there (Bilbo is working on a Dr. Who scarf), it was such a beautiful day and the sun coming through the window as we knit was absolutely lovely. He took this picture when I wasn’t paying attention but it turned out really nice so I thought I would share it.


I also started a new shawl this weekend which I was so super excited to cast on, its called Le Moelleux (The Squishy) Shawl by Mina Philipp. It’s a triangular two colour brioche shawl and I am making the symetrical version. From the moment I saw Mina’s sample on the Knitting Expat Podcast I knew that I wanted to make it because it just looks so fantastic and I had been wanting to try brioche for a while. I also knew which yarn I wanted to use, I am using Riverside Studio’s Merino Nylon Sock in the Pumpkin and Moroccan Spice colourways, I knew that I wanted to use the pumpkin for a brioche project and had been saving it and the Moroccan Spice colourway just goes so perfectly with it.

Here’s how it is working up so far (I’m further along now than I was when I took this photo, what can I say brioche is amazingly fun and addictive and I have had trouble putting it down), the pattern is well written and easy to follow and Mina made a video to explain how two colour brioche works which was super helpful as well. This is what I have decided to call the right side,

and this is the wrong side.   I love both sides really but I thought it would look nicer with the stitches on the edge in the darker colour and I really do like it this way.


Since I have finally managed to finish most of the projects that I had on the needles for such a long time I also started swatching for my first pair in the Sunshine Sock Series so I am going to start that soon which is super exciting!





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