New Sweater!

I finished it!


It’s not perfect but considering how badly written the pattern was, I am very happy with it. The yarn is actually pretty nice and feels warm and woolly and I think I finally have the fit of the lower body right for what I like my sweaters to be (my last two sweaters weren’t quite fitted enough through the hips for my taste). I think this will be a good just hanging around sort of sweater.

I am starting to plan out my next sweater for the year now and I picked out the yarn and buttons for it the other day when I went to my lys.


The yarn is the Mineville Wool Project in #2701 Angora Wool and the colourway is Mr. Bun, and the buttons which are hard to see are little metal buttons with 4 holes each. The yarn is very soft and knits up nice and I think that the subtle colour variation will be really nice for a sweater, I also really like that this is a Canadian yarn. The sweater that I think I am going to make with this is Sophie by Jennifer Wood, I think its a really cute sweater that would go great with a dress or jeans and I’ve been wanting to make it for a while. I’m going to get this balled up and start swatching soon so I can get going on the sweater, I feel like I’m in a real sweater knitting mood right now so I might as well take advantage of it.

8 thoughts on “New Sweater!

    • Thanks, I really like it too, it’s nice to have a bit more interest on the sleeves than just plain stockinette.
      I think it takes a bit of trial and error to get it right because you don’t really know if it’s good before you wear it. This time I measured a sweater I already had and that has the same fit that I wanted for this sweater and used the measurements of that one to make this one, perhaps you could try something like that next time?

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      • That’s easy to do too. What I did for my last sweater was try it on every night and I left the waste yarn in as a lifeline/motivator/measuring tool, it was a lot easier to tell how much it had grown just by eye and it was much easier to measure a smaller distance as well.

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      • That is GENIUS! I’m knitting a cardigan right now and I’m at the point where I knit for hours and feel like I get nowhere. I need that kind of motivation in my life.


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