Darning, Finished Socks, a Cowl and a Sweater in Progress 

I’ve been busy lately both in knitting and in life and I just haven’t gotten around to blogging about it so this post is going to be quite picture heavy.

I finished darning the socks for my mom, I think it went pretty well, it’s not beautiful but should hold. I don’t know how well it will feel since its on the bottom of the heels but I guess we will just have to see. I figure there’s a first time for everything and even if this isn’t the most successful at least I tried and I have learned a lot from going through the process too. These are the finished patched heels.

This next picture is a close up of my darning job on the heel that had the big hole in it.

This picture is actually the inside of the heel that didn’t have a hole. I thought the yarn was starting to look thin so I decided to do a bit of preemptive darning into the inside of the sock in the hopes that eventually when it wears through the patch will already be there so I won’t have to darn. I don’t know if it will actually work or not but you never know until you try. This was the second darn that I did and its much neater and nicer looking and also was much easier to do, I don’t know if this is because I had done it already or because there was not actually a hole.

I also finished a pair of socks this week. These are just a plain vanilla pair knit out of Knit Picks Stroll Tweed in the colourway Forest Heather. This pair was a sorta slow going, knit a bit at a time sort of project but very pleasant to knit. The Stroll yarn is very soft and the finished socks feel lovely. The colour is really nice too, darker green than in the photo but I couldn’t get an accurate picture for colour that also looked semi-nice.

I also knit a quick little neck warmer/cowl, it is knit in Lang Yak which I got on sale and thought would be fun to try out. The pattern is A Very Braidy Cowl by Maryse Roudier and it was a fun and simple knit that just flew along. I also decided to graft the ends together and if you didn’t look on the inside for where I wove in my ends you would not be able to find the beginning/end of the cowl and I love that about it.


Finally, what I have been working on lately is my Cumbria Sweater. I can’t remember what I last posted about this project but I have now finished the sleeves and most of the body (I took this picture today and it’s already grown a fair bit more than in the picture). This is one of those yarns that is just really hard to photograph with the true colours, it looks just black in the picture but its actually a really deep rich brown. I’m really happy with this sweater so far (with all the modifications I am making) and I can’t wait to wear it so right now I am working on it pretty monogamously and it’s really moving quickly, I think I will have up to the arm holes finished by tomorrow night.

For some reason lately I have been in the mood to finish up all the projects I have on the go right now, I feel like I have too many and I think I want to get myself down to two projects on the needles at a time. I’m thinking one sock project and one long term project (and maybe a shawl once in a while too), it might take me a little while to get there as I have two blanket projects on the go right now but maybe if I work at it and am disciplined enough not to start too many projects I can get down to just the blanket projects and socks by the start of the summer.


I’m starting to think of what sweater I want to knit during the next quarter because I will need to get my yarn and pattern all organised soon so that I can stay on track with my goal to knit 4 this year. I’m thinking I want to knit a cardigan next (I’ve never knit a cardigan before) but I am not sure what style I want to make. I’m thinking either a nice long one with a textured stitch pattern or a cropped sweater that would go to my waist-ish and would have some sort of patterning down the front. If you have any suggestions about what cardigan to make please comment, I would love some advice about it!

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