Sock Repairs

Even the best socks wear out eventually, the nice thing about hand knit ones is that you can repair them and continue to use them. As much as repairs are a bit finicky to do, I really do enjoy giving a well loved pair of socks a new lease on life.

These socks received new toes this week as both had developed holes.


I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture or not but I had enough leftover yarn saved to be able to reknit them in the same yarn but it’s a bit less faded and worn than the rest of the socks so its a bit darker.

I have a second pair of socks to repair right now as well, these ones were the third or fourth pair I ever made and they’re my mom’s. They’ve been going for around 5 years now and I think that the only reason they have a hole is because they got caught on something so they’ve done pretty well as far as durability goes.IMG_3478

I’m going to need to do a traditional darning on these ones I think as the hole in in the heel of the sock, I’ve never actually done true darning before so I guess I’m going to learn something new this week, I hope that I can do a decent job of it so they will continue to be able to be worn for a long time.

If anyone has any tips on darning or other sock repairs please comment, I would love to hear about how other people repair their socks or any helpful tricks they’ve learned along the way.

8 thoughts on “Sock Repairs

      • Yes! I really want to start one as well because I love the idea of having all your leftovers and memories of each yarn in one blanket. I worry that I’ll be crazy about having a random jumble of colors instead of a clear color palette though.


      • I think that either could be nice really, I guess it would depend on what you would want to use it for after it is done (like if you would want it to match with a room or something or if it would just be a couch blanket).

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  1. I’ve found so many wonderful videos on YouTube for doing things. I’m sure they would have a tutorial on how to fix hand knit socks. Love the Tardis socks! Also your mom’s socks are beautiful!


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