A Belated Valentines Post

If I had been more organised last week I would have pre-written this to go live on Sunday but I totally didn’t think of that until just now so here’s a bit belatedly my most recent knitting.
First off there are the now annual valentines socks, but I decided to do something a bit different this year and I made two pairs. One is for Bilbo and the other for me and they’re meant to be Sherlock and Watson socks.

The Sherlock socks are knit in knit picks stroll tonal in the colour way train station which I think is perfect for Sherlock and the pattern is A Sign of Four (a sock for Sherlock) by Anne Hanson. The Watson socks are meant to look like the sweater that John Watson wears in the BBC Sherlock series, the pattern is the Elementary Watson Socks by Sherry Menton and the yarn is Land Jawoll Superwash Solids. Bilbo thought the set of socks that go together was a great idea too so I think I might do more matching sets in the future.

I recently got some sock blockers too which I think will be great for taking nicer pictures of my finished socks for the blog, I haven’t taken many yet but here’s one of the daughter heir socks and the Sherlock socks.


I can’t wait to use these more now!

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