Back in Action

My hand is feeling much better now and I’m back to my usual knitting. It was hard not to knit for a few days but it made a big difference. When I started back to it I also worked on a larger gauge project with large needles which I think helped as well. The project that I was working on as a bit of a warm up was one that I have had on the needles for around 2 years and that I was seriously considering frogging because I just didn’t enjoy knitting it. Working with lace weight yarn on 6mm needles is just not that much fun to me. I was 3/4 of the way done before I picked it up again last week thanks to the very good advice of my friend Mystery. Now that its finished I’m really glad that I didn’t end up frogging it because it feels absolutely lovely (which is why I started knitting it on 6mm needles in the first place). The yarn for this is Mirasol Sulka Legato which is such a beautiful soft and airy yarn, it’s a merino, silk and alpaca blend. I am so glad I decided to finish this project after all, I’ve been wearing it almost every day since I finished it. It’s funny how much I dread knitting scarves but how much I love the end product when I take the time to do it. It makes me wonder if I should force myself to knit scarves more often.


I designed the pattern for this myself because I knew what I wanted to do with this yarn but I didn’t see anything that was quite exactly right. The scarf is basically a huge rectangle knit diagonally with big colour blocks. It’s absolutely huge so I have to wear it wrapped twice around my neck or I would probably trip on it but I don’t mind because I think it looks good with all the colours close together. My original plans for this when I started was to make a big rectangular wrap but I obviously miscalculated just how long it was going to be so it became more of a scarf since I wanted to use all of the skeins that I had bought for this project. When it first became apparent that it was going to be huge I was thinking I would block it wider and shorter but now I’m not so sure that I want to do that as it really does sit nicely like this and I don’t know if I could block it enough (and that it would stay that way when I wear it) that it wouldn’t just get to be an awkward length.

I’m back to knitting socks now but working at a bit of a slower pace which I think my hands will be happier with. I’ve got two pairs on the go now, one is about a 1/4 done and the other around 1/2 done, hopefully I will have a finished pair to show off soon!

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