Four in a Month

I’ve really been on a sock knitting kick this January, I finished the Daughter Heir socks yesterday which brings me to a grand total of 4 pairs this month. That’s a pair a week!


I’m quite happy with myself about this actually, its cool to know that I can actually knit a pair of socks that fast and its also really nice to have 4 more really nice looking and fitting pairs of socks in my wardrobe.


I really like how these socks turned out, they’re a lot of fun without seeming too crazy because I chose a plain colour to knit them in but they’re not boring because of the intensely cabled pattern. They’re very comfortable and look great on my feet and the yarn is surprisingly soft.


Unfortunately for some unknown reason my hands have started hurting when I do certain motions (could be all knitting at a tight gauge that I have been doing on the socks lately but I’m really not 100% sure on that) so it looks like I’m going to have to take a break from knitting for a while to give them time to do their thing. I so wish I could keep on knitting though, I have so many fun projects that I want to work on and so many cool things to make. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself during the times when I normally knit, I think I might see whether spinning is alright with my hands or not and maybe I will do a bit more colouring or something like that since my left hand seems to be a lot worse than the right one is. I think its going to be a long and strange feeling week.

4 thoughts on “Four in a Month

  1. Hope you feel better quickly! I’ve found that alternating between fine gauge projects (like socks) and larger projects like the bulky blanket I’m working on really helps my hands not get sore.


    • Thanks! I’m finding that the break from knitting is really helping already. I think that I am going to have to start being more aware of how many socks I am knitting in a certain amount of time and of alternating projects, I think if I do that it will make a big difference for my hands.

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