Twice in a Week!

As you might have guessed from the title, I have finished another pair of socks.


I really like this pair as well, the yarn feels really nice and the colours are just so much fun too. I definitely want to get more of this stuff at some point. I’m not sure what happened with the striping around the heel of the first sock, I must have loosened my gauge ever so slightly or something so they aren’t a perfect matching pair but it actually doesn’t bother me too much at all so I think I’ll keep them this way. They are perhaps a bit on the large size but I gave them the in-shoe test and they passed quite nicely so I’m not concerned about it either. I wore the rainbow socks yesterday and they passed with flying colours as well. For anyone who is wondering about this test, its basically just wearing my socks in the shoes that seem to encourage my socks to fall down the most to see if I am going to have a problem and if they will be suitable to wear for any occasion/excursion. If they fall down too much that pair will become staying in socks instead of everyday wear socks or I will rip them out and redo them because having socks that fall down in my shoes as I walk somewhere drives me nuts and I walk pretty much everywhere.

I have started another sock project as well. I have been wanting to make myself a pair of grey socks for ages and I’m finally getting around to doing it. This yarn is the same as for the Watson socks that I made earlier this month and the pattern is The Daughter Heir which is also a pattern that I have been wanting to make for quite a long time.


It has been a while since I have worked on a highly patterned and cabled sock so I think that these will be a very enjoyable knit. I should probably cast on something nice and simple to knit to go with these as well for the times when I don’t have the space or attention to follow a charted pattern but I’m not sure what yet, perhaps a pair of leftover socks are in order.


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