Project Updates!

I meant to write, I really did. I had stuff to say every day this week and everything because I’ve been busily working away at my projects but I just never sat down and wrote a post so I’m gonna write one big one now.

I finally got a picture of the blue shawl that I finished a while ago. The bottom edge curls a bit but I didn’t block it super intensely and it doesn’t really bother me either. It was a bit of a frustrating knit because I kept making mistakes and having to rip them out and fix them but I think that it turned out really well and I really like it.



I’ve made some significant progress on my Cumbria Sweater, both sleeves are done except for the caps at the tops. Hopefully I can get that done this week but it’ll depend on when I have enough time to sit down and plan out what I’m going to do because I have been making the sleeves according to my own measurements instead of the pattern directions so my stitch counts aren’t the same.


I have also made some progress on the Watson Socks, the first sock is almost done now. I think that its turning out pretty well and I can’t wait to wear them.


I also couldn’t resist casting on another pair of socks, these ones are just a plain vanilla toe up pair but they’re knit in some fantastic multicoloured yarn that I got at a skein swap in December. Its Blue Moon Fibre Arts’Socks that Rock Lightweight in the colourway Supercolourfragilistic. I will admit I was worried for a while about whether these were going to work up into a pair of skittles barf socks but I am very pleased with the striping that is going on and I think that I am going to enjoy wearing these socks quite a lot. I also got myself a set of proper length, good quality needles for magic loop (these are ChiaoGoo, 2.25mm 40inch needles) and so far using them I am finding I actually quite like magic loop, I think my problem with it before was purely due to the cord being too short and them not having nice smooth joins or a sufficiently flexible cable. When it comes to circular sock needles ChiaoGoo are my favorites, I really love the flexible but firm cables and the not as pointy tips.


I am also preparing for another pair of toe up socks right now, I am going to make a pair of leftover socks with all the yarns from the Fellowship of the Socks series that I did last year. My parents gave me a scale for Christmas this year so I am weighing all the leftovers to split them in half so I can use up as much as I want to without worrying about being able to finish the other sock.


I have another pair of socks in mind to make from some leftovers as well and I am also thinking toe up for them, its funny how almost all of the socks that I knit last year were top down and so far this year every pair that I am or are short term planning on making are toe up.  I don’t think that this will hold all year since I generally prefer top down socks but for now at least its a funny coincidence.

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