New Year’s Plans and Resolutions 

Happy New Year everyone!!!

This seems like the perfect time to me to share my Knitting New Year’s Resolution for this year. As I mentioned before, I’m not big on making resolutions for the new year but last year I decided to try a knitting related one because I thought it might be fun to have a long term challenge for myself so last year became the Year of the Socks when I aimed to knit 12 pairs (though I managed to get 24 pairs done). This year I want to do something similar again since it was a lot of fun and worked out so well last year so I decided that I am going to make it the Year of the Sweaters this year and I am going to aim to make 4 full sized sweaters.

I have the first one set to go already, its going to be a Cumbria Sweater and I am making it out of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Superwash in the Colour Bittersweet Heather. I mentioned this in another post but I’m going to mention it again anyways, since I am writing this the day before I don’t yet have a new picture to share but I’m sure that I will have one soon as there is a very very long car ride looming in my near future and I plan to knit to pass the time.

I don’t have the other three sweaters all planned out and decided yet but I am thinking I would like to make a Tucker Sweater, an Ommegang, a colour work sweater perhaps like Sundottir or Grettir and a cardigan of some sort because I would like some variety, I was thinking perhaps an Anne’s Sweater or a Pomme de Pin Cardigan. I guess if I make all of those it will make 5 total but who knows maybe I will get around to it, I did overshoot my goal of 12 socks last year by quite a lot so I’m thinking it could be possible still.

I also have plans to make more handknit socks for myself although I don’t have any number specific goals for that this year. I am thinking about 7 pairs of yellow socks but I’m not going to set a deadline for it. As you can see below, I have another yellow skein for the sock series which was given to me for Christmas. I got some “you choose the yarn” gifts (aka gift certificates) for Christmas as well so I might actually have all 7 skeins and be able to start soon!

In the meantime I have plans to make myself a pair of Watson Socks which should be very enjoyable and fun to wear.

What are your knitting plans for the year? Any special projects planned or knitting goals set?

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Plans and Resolutions 

  1. Uhh, Cambria and Tucker look beautiful … Sorry for being silent so long on your blog (I’ll try to fix my RSS feed. This is getting ridiculous).

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! I’ll be blogging about my goals a bit later, maybe this weekend. 😉


    • I totally agree, I can’t wait to knit them and add them to my wardrobe!
      No worries, sometimes computers are totally frustrating and I totally get it.
      Sounds great, I can’t wait to hear you’re going to be working on and your goals for the new year!


  2. I have sweater plans this year too. I am working on Jurisfiction, have Woodstove next, and then will be on the lookout for another. I also have many shawl plans, just need to get one picked out and on the needles. Love your finished shawl, can’t wait to see it done.


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