A Final 2015 Finished Object 

I haven’t had too much to work on knitting wise the past week since all my Christmas knitting is done and the next projects in my queue I am waiting until January 1st to cast on so I ended up working away at this back-burner project quite a bit and I actually finished it 2015 which was rather surprising but quite nice because this way I won’t have very many projects from last year carrying over to the new year and I can start some new ones without having an enormous number of work in progress projects.

It is in sore need of a good blocking but I don’t have the time and space to do it not so I am just going to post it as is and when that’s done later I will post another picture since I think that it’s going to be a really lovely shawl when it opens up and isn’t curling so much. The pattern is is the Campside shawl by Alicia Plummer and I knit it in We Will Tell You All of Our Secrets Merino Silk Fingering Yarn that is dyed with indigo. This yarn has a very high silk content which although I’m not generally a big silk fan really enjoyed in this yarn, it’s so soft and silky and has a lovely shine. I used as much of this yarn as I thought I could without risking running out in the bind off and I’m quite happy with it, I made it through most of the shawl with a single ball of yarn and I only had to leave off part of the last chart and the ribbing (which I wasn’t sure I would have done anyways). I think that even without the ribbing once I block it out it will hold itself flat quite nicely because of the high silk content so I’m not worried about the curling edge at the moment. If its really bad I guess I will have to rip out the bind off and a couple of rows and do a bit of ribbing as the pattern called for but if I don’t have to do that I plan on just leaving it as is but I’m not going to cut the yarn and weave in the end until after I am sure.

I found the pattern rather frustrating to follow, the charts and the number of rows to achieve the required stitch counts to move onto the next chart are not multiples of each other and the pattern is not clear at all about it. I ended up just working until the right stitch count and then moving on but it was a bit frustrating at first when I had to decide what I was going to do about it. I ended up tinking back a lot for this shawl and dropping down to fix mistakes which was also frustrating and took a long time but that was mostly due to my inability to count to the same number consistently over a whole row and not the pattern’s fault, I’m very glad that I fixed it though because if the eyelets didn’t line up properly for this project it would really bother me.

(And yes, I am wearing knitted leggings, my parents gave them to me for Christmas and I think that they’re totally awesome! I just happened to have a work in progress picture of this shawl with them on and I couldn’t resist showing them off a little.)

This is my first true triangle shawl and I found that I really enjoyed the construction of it, if I enjoy wearing this shape as much I think I will, I will have to make more shawls in this shape. Generally blue is not one of the colours that I gravitate to but I was drawn to this yarn for some reason and it just seems like the perfect colour and shade for this shawl and it seems like such a great low-maintenance, no-worry, goes with almost anything type shawl that I can just throw on and wear whenever (I can totally picture myself wearing this with a white t-shirt and jeans in the summer) so I’m sure that it will get a lot of wear and be a good addition to my wardrobe.



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