The Fellowship of the Socks Completed

Well my big on-going project of the year and part of this year’s New Year’s Resolution is finished and out in the open finally. I’ve been working on a pair of Fellowship of the Rings socks (designed by Claire Ellen) for some very special friends of mine (and a pair for myself) for most of the year to get them done in time for Christmas and I also was trying to keep it a secret so it could be a surprise. Amazingly, I did manage to surprise everyone at least a little bit. The best part was that some of the socks were knitted in their company but since I started early enough and made a few misleading comments no one realized it. I really enjoyed working on these, they were fun and interesting socks to make and there is just something wonderful about knitting something nice for somebody you care about. It really brought me a lot of joy to work on these but boy, was it ever hard to keep it a secret the entire year though!


I was very happy with how all the socks turned out, it turns out that my educated guesses on sizing were actually pretty good and all of them fit well so I wont have to fix or re-knit any of them. I don’t have close up pictures of the socks individually on everyone’s feet or a picture of them on and all together as they no longer are in the same city  but here are a few that I do have.



All in all this was a great project and I am very glad that I decided to dream big and go for it. I don’t think that I am going to be doing quite as ambitious a project for Christmas for quite a while (though I said I was going to knit less for this Christmas last year and look how that turned out, I just can’t help myself it seems) but I would totally do it again if I had the choice to redo it. Now I am thinking about my big projects for the next year and what I want to make as my knitting New Year’s Resolution this year, I have some ideas and it should be another exciting year of projects. I can’t wait to share and tell you all about it!

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