The Sock Drawer of a Prolific Sock Knitter 

Ever wonder what the “sock drawer” (Quotations because I don’t actually keep them in a drawer) of a prolific sock knitter looks like? If you answered yes, then today you’re in for a real treat because I suppose that I do actually fall into that category.

These are all the socks that I have knit for myself, I just had them all together and was just overcome with inspiration in the form of the idea of taking a picture and sharing them with all of you guys. As you can tell, I actually only have 11 pairs of handknit socks (some of which were made before I understood how socks were supposed to fit) despite the fact that socks are my go to project and I made 24 pairs this year. Most of the socks I knit I make for other people that I care about and give away because I enjoy knitting for them and handknit socks are both useful and enjoyable to wear, take quite a while to make and cannot be bought in stores which makes them a great gift in my opinion. Next year though I have quite a few pairs of socks I would like to make for myself so perhaps the number in my own drawer will grow a fair bit, I guess I will have to take a new picture and post if it does.

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