Hat Knitting Binge

I had forgotten how much fun and fast hats are to knit so in what feels like the blink of an eye I have two finished hats to show you.

2 hats

Both of them still need to be washed an blocked but fit really well. The golden hat is a pattern called Kilmin by Erendis of Numenor. The cabling is meant to look like a crown and I think that it does a fantastic job of it. It was a ton of fun to knit too it was very engaging as you just want to keep going to get to the next section of it. Here’s a better look at it with the cables all stretched out the way it is meant to be seen.


I also finished the Droste hat that I had cast on and showed you in my last blog post and it turned out very nicely as well. I think I really need to continue this swatching for hats thing, ever since I started doing that my hats all magically started fitting properly!


It will be so nice to have some new hats (and ones that fit properly too) this winter season, I am very glad that I made these.

Now the question is what to cast on next? I think I might have the urge to knit hats all out of my system now so maybe some mittens?






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