Winter is Hat Season 

I’m still plugging away at that last Christmas gift for this year and it’s coming along well but I’ve been making a couple of small projects on the side. And somehow, since it’s starting to get cold outside, they’ve all been hats. 

I finished the hat for myself last week but I somehow never got around to posting about it so without further ado, here it is. 

I really like how this turned out, it’s warm, comfortable, looks good and it doesn’t push my glasses down my face when I wear it. What more could I want in a hat? 

I’ve also been crocheting hats the past week which has been surprisingly enjoyable, it just has a different rhythm than knitting and it’s been nice for a bit of variety. I’m also really enjoying just being able to pick up a hook and some yarn and make a hat, no swatching or math required.  

I think I’ll make some more hats and then I might switch to mittens for a while, either way it’ll be lots of fun!

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