Hat in Progress

I’ve been working away at that hat that I mentioned the other day and after all the socks that I have been knitting this year the worsted weight knit just feels like its flying along. I think it also helps that its so soft, its Mirasol Akapana which is 65% Baby Llama, 25% Merino and 10% Donegal and apparently its very warm as well (which is why I wanted to make myself a hat out of it since I’m always cold in the winter). I bought this yarn around a year ago with the intention of knitting myself a hat and I am only just getting around to it now, but I started this on Sunday and I’m already at the crown decreases so I don’t think I will have to wait much longer to have a new hat.

Hat Current Progress

I am thinking that I will add an i-cord to the spot where the reverse stockinette switches to stockinette (where the direction of knitting changes), I think that the extra definition is what it needs right there to make the bottom cables really stand out and look good. Also a good wash and block but that will have to wait until after it’s done.

The way that I made this hat is by knitting the bottom part (the band) in a long strip and then grafting the ends together and picking up stitches to work in the round. It’s funny how large the band of a hat actually has to be to fit, your head seems so much smaller than when you actually see the length lying out in front of you.

Hat Strip

I grafted in pattern, and it went quite well, I think that once it is blocked you wont even be able to tell where the band starts and ends. This is the front of the hat where it was continuous


and this is the back of the hat where I grafted it.


When I was writing this blog post (I took some of the pictures the night before) and trying to put the pictures in the right spots, I actually had trouble telling these pictures apart which makes me quite happy about my work. I can’t wait to be able to wear it!


Also, I’m having a lot of trouble coming up with a decent name for this hat (I am currently calling it “Red” (very unimaginatively after the colour of the yarn) in my Ravelry projects which is a pretty lame name) so I would love to hear any suggestions anyone might come up with for a better name for it.


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