The Handspun Sock Dillema

I have been knitting up a storm lately but unfortunately mostly everything that I am working on or have finished lately I can’t show on the blog as it is Christmas knitting so I’ve been struggling (and mostly failing) to find things to blog about.

However, I did manage to get some knitting done on my pair of handspun socks and they’ve been growing slowly and steadily but I ran into a road bump the other day. Not sure how this happened since the socks actually match colour progression pretty well but I have more yarn in the one ball than the other.


The sock on the right has reached its maximum height only using that ball but the sock on the left has a fair bit left still. I don’t really want leftovers because I don’t know what I would manage to use it for but including that I have three possible options:

  1. Keep knitting on the left sock until I run out of yarn and deal with socks that have legs that are different lengths
  2. Knit a while longer on the left sock then cast off and undo the cast off on the right sock and use the leftover yarn to make the leg longer on the right sock and deal with the colour progression not being the same on both socks
  3. Stop knitting now and have two shorter socks and deal with having a small amount of leftover handspun

I’ve been stewing this over for a couple days now and I’m still not sure what I am going to do, though I am leaning towards the second.

What would you do if you were in my place? Or have you had this problem with handspun socks before and how did you decide to solve it? I would love to hear other’s thoughts on the matter as I think it will help me decide.

7 thoughts on “The Handspun Sock Dillema

  1. Realistically, I would probably do #3. But then again, I’ve never spun nearly enough yarn to actually make anything from, so I might be more protective of it if I had. In which case I would lean toward #2. Either way, the socks looks great!


      • What length sock cuff do you prefer? I’m happy with shorter socks that stay up, but if you know for certain you won’t wear them if they’re shorter, maybe it’s worth the annoyance of picking out the bind off and making them both long.


      • I’m not really sure actually, before I wore handknit or wool socks I always prefered shorter socks but I find that sometimes a shorter handknit sock will fall down in my shoes as I walk which drives me nuts so I have been making longer legs to try and prevent that (though I think that may have been more of a fit issue to do with too wide a leg than it being caused by the length of the sock now). I’ve been wearing the socks around for a while tonight to see how they feel and so far they feel great so I might just leave them at this length after all.

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