Thanksgiving, Fall and a Sweater

Thanksgiving weekend was lovely, filled with time with family, good food and some well needed rest.

Not much crafting went on this weekend as well most of the people that are on the Christmas knitting list this year were around this weekend so there really wasn’t much that was safe to knit. I did get some pictures taken of the sweater though. I wore it quite a bit this weekend and it proved to be quite warm and comfortable also it seems like I must have done a good job as most people who didn’t see me working on this sweater or dong read my blog didn’t realize that it wasn’t store bought so I’ll count it as a successful knit.

It was such a beautiful sunny and windy fall day when we took these, a perfect day for pictures. I think I need to start taking more of my project pictures outside instead of being lazy because these just look so nice.

I love fall, the world is just so beautiful right now so I thought I would share a few fall views that made me smile this weekend.


I hope that you all had wonderful weekends and are enjoying the fall while it lasts!

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