Getting the hang of it!

I’ve been practising how to do an andean plying bracelet after my first disastrous attempt and I think I finally got it! The last two times I did it it went without a hitch and the last time I didn’t even have to look up instructions on how to do it.



I think the reason that I had so much trouble with this originally is that I spin left handed and the only instruction that I could find were for right handed people so in the process of trying to mirror them I messed it up the pattern. Along with finally getting the wrapping pattern right, I also figured out how to pause and take the bracelet off so I don’t have to ply all in one sitting.


It’s quite a bad picture but it does show how I keep the bracelet from collapsing and getting tangled. And yes that is a half finished handspun sock from the blue and gold fibre I was spinning. (I really need to write a blog post about those soon, I’ve found some very interesting things in knitting them already, maybe I will do that later this week).

I think that sometime I would like to make a tutorial on how to do it left handed for all those people out there like me who learned how to spin a bit differently than most other people but I think that it will have to wait for a less crazy busy time, maybe after Christmas.

Another thing that I think I’m starting to get the hang of is carding rolags with hand cards. The top plying bracelet is a merino and mohair blend that I made myself (I didn’t measure anything just had some fun with it) and the bottom bracelet is from just the mohair that was used for the first one.


This is one of the rolags I made for the second plying bracelet, I somehow forgot to take any pictures of the first ones. It’s really too bad because they looked quite cool, almost like clouds with the sky peaking through.

I’ve found that I quite like spinning with rolags actually, I think it has something to do with how I spin in a fairly woollen fashion naturally and this just goes well with that style. I really like how easily these draft and how not fiddly they are, usually when I spin from combed top I have all sorts of problems with the fibre being reluctant to draft across the top and instead going around in circles which is especially annoying when you are spinning a multicoloured yarn because you get all sorts of odd colour transitions. I think that I want to try carding a whole braid into rolags sometime soon, I think it might be very successful at keeping colours separate and having smoother transitions between colours.

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