Project Idea: Swatching

Lately I have been feeling like knitting some beautiful swatches just for the sake of knitting them, not with a project in mind. I want to try out new stitch patterns and yarns and make some small beautiful things. Perhaps this is because Christmas knitting is in full swing now and I have many projects to knit with timelines and specific desired results attached to them but at any rate it got me thinking about swatching. 

I keep all my old swatches that I’ve actually done properly but they just sit in assorted drawers. What if I actually did something will all those beautiful pieces of cloth? What about making a nice patchwork blanket with them? I’m thinking I really like this idea a lot and I might actually try it. I think the different patterns, different yarns and different sizes of squares will be really fun and might look really cool. I might just knit some random swatches just to make something like this work! 

What do you do with your old project swatches? Do you make anything with them or do they just sit around or do you just get rid of them? Do you knit swatches just for the fun of it?

P.S. Sweater update: I’ve just knit the last stitch for the sweater today! Now all that’s left is a lot of work to do with a tapestry needle and a sewing needle. 


2 thoughts on “Project Idea: Swatching

  1. Oh, I LOVE your knitting needles! they are so beautiful!
    (I am just mentioning this because their colour matches the sweater so well). Congratulations on having finished knitting! I really like the sweater’s colour (it’s a beautiful pattern – I checked it out on ravelry). Way to go! 🙂


    • Thanks! They’re just the natural coloured knit picks interchangeables (can’t remember what they’re called), the colour does look quite nice with this project. I picked these tips for pretty much that reason, I prefer wood for most projects and I thought that the coloured ones although fun would clash with some projects and I wouldn’t enjoy knitting them as much.
      And thanks! 🙂 I’m very happy with how it has turned out.


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