New Spinning Tools and Sweater Update

Exciting news! I’ve got two new spindles.


Both are from Snyder’s Spindles and are fantastic (I had to test them out as soon as they arrived). The large steampunk one is going to be my plying spindle since it is heavy enough to handle large amounts of yarn so that I can have fewer skeins per project. It spins beautifully smooth and feels rather nice in the hands so I think that plying will be much less of a chore with this one vs the Knit Picks turkish spindle.


The tiny turkish spindle is going to be a fine lace weight spindle and on the go spindle, it also spins beautifully and I’m already spinning yarn finer than I ever have before.


I am very happy with both spindles so far and am very glad to have bought them.
I also in an unrelated to the above order bought a new knitting/spinning bag. Its a nice little wedge bag with a wrist loop and a very nice zipper, it also stays open very nicely while knitting and holds a surprisingly good amount of stuff (It’s currently carrying a sock project and the equivalent of a sweater sleeve). Unfortunately I couldn’t seem to find a website for them online as they are made on a small scale (I got it at a LYS) its made by Weather Head’s Organisational Implements, but don’t bother searching that because all you will turn up is meteorology related.

As for the sweater update, I have only one sleeve left to knit, ends to weave in and buttons to sew on. It’s almost done, I can’t wait to have a finished sweater soon!

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