Christmas Thoughts

Its only just begun to be fall but already my mind has turned to the winter season. After all it’s full blown Christmas knitting season now! I’ve got a fairly good list of people to knit for this year so I’ve got a lot to do in the next few months. Some of those people read or know of my blog so I probably won’t be able to post too many project pictures until after Christmas (I’m thinking a big post with all of them all together might be fun) but I’ll try to come up with some other interesting things to talk about until then and I’m sure I will have some other unrelated projects too. 

Are any of you knitters and spinners out there gearing up for Christmas now? Are you planning on giving many handmade gifts this year? I would love hear your thoughts or plans about Christmas knitting! 

P.S. Happy first day of fall! 

4 thoughts on “Christmas Thoughts

  1. I give socks to my nieces and nephews for Christmas so I tend to work on them throughout the year. They’re still too young to be online, except my oldest niece who is on Instagram. I cracked me up when she kept “liking” pictures of her socks. Happy knitting!


  2. Heyyyy! 🙂 I’m sorry that I didn’t drop in for so long (somehow, the feed is broken).
    I won’t be making much for Christmas this year; my mother catapulted herself from the list a few months ago (and will be off the list for a while), my guy’s family won’t exchange gifts these year (one pair of socks was finished, I had had to do another one) … I will knit a pair of socks for my cousin’s son (he’s 4 now) and a pair of socks for my guy. And something for my grandparents. That’s gonna be it – lots more knitting time for me. 🙂


    • Hey! that’s alright, a feed issue sounds really annoying
      That still sounds like a fair bit to get done to me (though I guess there are still 3 months left), the extra knitting time for yourself is going to be really nice though I’m sure! I keep saying to myself every year that I’m going to cut back on the Christmas knitting but it somehow never seems to happen 😛 I guess I just like knitting for the people close to me too much


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