Finished Object Friday and a Wedding

I had a long day today and I don’t really feel like writing much tonight but I wanted to share so it’s mostly going to be pictures today. 

I finished another pair of socks though! 

It’s the Boromir Socks. I think they look great and I’m super happy to have them done.

I’m going to a wedding tomorrow which should be fun and I’m gonna wear the sunshine shawl since it looks nice and fancy and summery and cheery with a black dress that I found in the back of my closet from years ago.

I also started a new leftovers sock project that’s nice and small to fit in my clutch in case I need it or have some sitting and waiting time and no one to talk to or something. 

That’s all for now but more in another post when I’m not so tired.

4 thoughts on “Finished Object Friday and a Wedding

  1. that is/was a beautiful combination! How was the wedding? Did you get a lot of time to knit? (I went to a wedding on the 12th as well, but I didn’t take any knitting with me … my best friend loves handknit socks, but I think she would have skinned me alive if she had caught me knitting on her big day. 😉 )


    • Thanks! it worked out well, it was bit of a chilly day that day so I was glad for the extra warmth of a wool shawl. I was a beautiful day for a wedding though and the wedding was quite nice. I hope the wedding you went to was nice as well!
      I didn’t have that much knitting time, just a bit before the ceremony started and a bit after the dinner was over during the speeches because otherwise I would have actually heard next to none of them (I was in stealth knitting mode for that one and I don’t think that anyone but the person beside me noticed), I made sure not to knit during important times because same as your friend I’m sure I would have been skinned alive had I been knitting during the ceremony 😛 Even if I had no time to knit I would still have been glad I brought it though, something about just having a project in my bag just feels better than leaving the house without one.


      • That sounds really cool. 🙂 the wedding I attenended was wonderful … The food was great, the people were nice, my best friend looked so beautiful in her dress, and her husband was beaming with joy during the whole evening. I had made them two bunnies (I’ve blogged about them) and my guy decorated the basket we put them in, along with their wedding present … It was a great party! 🙂


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