Finished Socks and New (to me) Sock Knitting Discoveries

The Gimli Socks are finished and they look great!

I cast on the Boromir socks today too but they’re not much to look at yet so I will show pictures another time when I’ve made progress.

On a much more interesting note, the past few days have been full of learning about sock construction and sock knitting techniques. I recently acquired the book Custom Socks by Kate Atherley which I am finding very educational on matters of sock fit and is full of beautiful patterns (I plan on making quite a few of them in the near future so stay tuned).

My mom and I also ended up looking through some old knitting magazines of her’s and in a very old black and white one we came across a method of turning the heel on a sock so that it is easily replaceable, which I found incredibly clever and very interesting. It’s called the Beehive Aladdin Heel if anyone is interested in looking it up themselves but the main idea of it seems to be to break your yarn in strategic places and not to pick up stitched for the gusset in the heel so that the whole heel can be removed without messing up the rest of the sock. I think it’s a genius “thinking about the end product” solution to sock heels and I am definitely going to be trying it out in the near future as well.

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