A Spinning Sort of Day 

I woke up this morning and found myself with a bunch of unexpected free time so I decided to do some spinning today. 

 I finally finished spinning the singles for this yarn and plied it. This was some random locks that I bought a while ago just to try spinning from a different fibre prep. I soon discovered that it was very low quality stuff, very matted and a huge range in staple length, from 1.5 to 8 inches or so. It really was a difficult spin but I’m glad that it’s finally off the spindle. It actually had quite a nice halo to it and is fairly thin. I don’t know how I managed it (well actually I do, it’s because I set it down for 4 months and left it) but I some how managed to switch which direction I was spinning the singles part way through so probably around 60% of it is accidentally an opposing twist yarn. I also decided to try an Andean plying bracelet this time which I’m sure would have worked great except that I screwed up the wrapping pattern once in the middle and it just wouldn’t run after than so I had to painfully rewind it all in the middle of plying which was horribly awkward. The making of this yarn really wasn’t ideal in any way but I think it turned out alright so it doesn’t matter now it’s done. 
I also finally had some time today to mend the huge hole in the butt of my favourite jeans which I have not had time/been putting off for months. I think it turned out well and I am wearing them as I write this post.

The reason I like these jeans so much is that I did some really awesome artistic embroidery mending on the front of them which I think makes them even more awesome than they were before. 

Finally I decided to work on the silk hankies spinning project which I have been working on for who knows how long because I want to finish it as soon as possible too so I can free up my spindles.


6 thoughts on “A Spinning Sort of Day 

  1. Do you have a spinning wheel? I’ve never used a spindle, but had a lady offer to teach me. Beautiful yarn and I love the jeans! How did you fix a tear like that in the seat of them!?! I really need lessons in mending clothes!


    • I have a homemade spinning wheel that I rarely use but I don’t have an actual spinning wheel, spindles work well for me now and are portable and not nearly as expensive as a wheel. Someday I will probably get a spinning wheel but that’s a little ways off for me. I would totally recommend learning to spin on a spindle, it’s a really nice on the go project and I find it quite relaxing.
      Thanks! All I did was sew over the hole, I think it’s called whip stitch but basically I put the needle in on the one side and out on the other and moved down a bit each time. I tried doing a nice patch like on the front first but it just ripped out because it wasn’t strong enough for that high stress area.


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