By the Skin on my Teeth

The Sunlight shawl is finished and blocking now. It looks lovely and feels wonderful and soft and I am so happy with it!


I managed to make it the perfect size too, after the edging I only had a little butterfly of yarn left. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it right up until the end but since I did I’m glad that I made it as big as I did, it has a radius of 32 inches so it’s over 5 feet wide at the top. I think it’s the largest shawl I’ve made so far as far as wingspan goes. I can’t wait to try it on after it is done blocking, I think the large size is going to be very enjoyable to wear. I plan on posting some nicer finished object pictures annother day after it is done blocking too.

I’m really happy that I finished it when I did, it will be nice to be able to wear it during the summer atleast for a little while since it seems like such a summery shawl. 

I think I am going to concentrate on knitting socks for the next few weeks. I have to go on a couple of work trips and socks make great travel projects because they’re very portable but contain many hours of knitting. I won’t have Internet for a while though so there won’t be any update posts for atleast a week but hopefully next time I have some internet I will have some significant progress to show off too. 

10 thoughts on “By the Skin on my Teeth

  1. Oh my god, this is so beautiful! You did a GREAT job here for sure! Give yourself a big pat on the bag, okay? So great … What kind of socks are you going to make? More LotR patterns? Or will you switch to GoT? 😉


    • Thanks! I will 🙂
      I’m going to work on more LoTR socks for now, I’m brining the Aragorn and Gimli socks with me for the trip. I don’t think I know what GoT is though could you elaborate?


      • Oh, sorry … I didn’t want to confuse you (maybe I used the wrong abbreviation, too). GoT is Game of Thrones! But I don’t know whether there are any patterns for them … Except the “Baratheon”, “Targayen” and “Stannis” socks. Oh, and “Melisandre”. Quite a couple then … 🙂


      • Oh ok, I don’t actually watch Game of Thrones so that’s why I didn’t know the abbreviation. Bilbo does watch it though so maybe I will make a pair for him sometime. Thanks for the great idea!


      • I didn’t watch much of it, only a couple of episodes (and I’m not the person to “hype” a certain series ….) But the books are very good! 🙂 Better than the series, in my humble opinion. 🙂


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