Its been quite a while since my last post, I’ve just plain not gotten around to it. There’s just something about summer time that seems to aggravate my disorganization and scatterbrainedness and what is easy to do regularly during the year just doesn’t seem to happen in the summer. I find that I often don’t even sit down to knit a couple of rows every once in a while in the summer! This means that most of my projects are crawling along or at a total standstill and also that I don’t have a whole lot to blog about. I do have a little something today though. 

Here’s a pair of headphones that I covered for my dad just the other day. I did a three stitch I-cord with the cord running up the middle. It was pretty easy but a bit fiddly and time consuming but totally worth it for the time saved not constantly untying knots in them (plus they look cool). This yarn was leftovers from a pair of socks that I made myself which I affectionately named skittles barf, it looks much nicer like this than it does in socks! 

This is the second pair of headphones I’ve done, the first were mine a couple of years ago and I did it by crocheting around the cord. I think it was just a slip stitch but I can’t remember for certain as it was a couple of years ago.

I don’t know which method I like better yet but I’ll need to decide soon because after a couple of years of constant use these headphones are on their last legs and I’ll need a new pair soon.


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