Almost Half

I’ve had a lot of knitting time in the past week and the haystack mountain shawl is coming along very well, I’m hoping to hit the halfway mark before the end of the night. 

I really can’t wait to finish this and get to wearing it, it’s just so soft and the colour is lovely. It will be nice to have another shawl to wear when it’s a bit chilly.

I’ve also been working on the sunlight shawl this week though it doesn’t look particularly different than the last time I photographed it so I won’t show it again, but it’s looking lovely and I can’t wait to wear it either. I find it funny how now I have two shawls on the go at the same time that both use around the same amount of yarn and are at almost the same point. I think I’m gonna try to push through and finish them both as soon as I can, I would love to have both before the end of the summer! 

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