Haystack Mountain Shawl Progress 

I’ve been working away at my Haystack Mountain shawl the past few days. I’m really loving the texture of it and how easy the pattern is to memorize. The yarn is absolutely beautiful to knit with and feels lovely knit up too, I’ve almost forgiven it for how badly skeined it was (it took me over an hour to wind into a ball, I’m not looking forward to doing that for the second skein).

I’ve finished all the set up rows and placed all the markers so all that’s left to do is continue on in pattern until I run low on yarn so now it’s perfect take along knitting. 

Happy knitting everyone! 

2 thoughts on “Haystack Mountain Shawl Progress 

  1. This looks great! I had a look at the design when you mentioned it in your last post (?) and while being simple, it will look great, I think – sometimes, texture is all you need! 🙂


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