A Yarny Afternoon

Yesterday I took a trip to the yarn shop with my honourary sisters, Mystery and Tide, it was a lovely afternoon and a fantastic way to spend time with them.

Since I’m a sock knitter, rather unsurprisingly, everything I came home with is sock yarn but I think it’s all rather fantastic all the same. Tide also got some really nice yarn for socks and for a shawl. So without further ado, here it is.

I think the stripes and colours in these ones are great and should be fun to knit up. But these aren’t even the best things that I found/bought yesterday, the best of all is this lovely stuff.

It’s just sooo soft! It’s Diamond Luxury Collection Soxy Lady and it’s 60% Superwash Wool, 20% Alpaca and 20% Nylon which is great because as well as being super soft I think that it should wear well too. Both skeins are the same type of yarn but the green one is my birthday gift from Mystery so I’m not allowed to knit it until then (and she is holding on to it for me too) which is probably a good idea since I couldn’t resist casting on the orangey yarn because it’s just so beautiful and soft even though I don’t need any more new projects right now. This definitely won’t help me finish the Gandalf socks before the end of the month either, but oh well, it was a bit of a long shot anyway. Here they are together.

I decided that I would make the Leyburn Socks by MintyFresh, I love the quilted look of the stitch pattern and I think it should go well with the veregation in the yarn too. This pattern has a short row toe and heel in it, I’ve never done those before but have been wanting to try for a while so im very excited about it. I did the one toe already and I quite liked it, it has a bit of a relaxing feel to it, is less fiddly than the figure-8 one that I usually do and I didn’t need DPNs for it. If I like the fit of it I think short row toes might become my new default toe up sock start.

I definitely found some lovely sock yarns which I am very happy about but there was one specific type of sock yarn that I really wanted but couldnt find, I really want a self striping rainbow sock yarn but that seems to be something unusual/hard to find. I’m thinking I might have to order it on the Internet or resort to dying it myself even. Has anyone used/know of a really good rainbow sock yarn that I could get my hands on in Canada?

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