Zooming Along

As the title to this post suggests, I’ve been working away at the zoom loom blanket and it feels like it’s been working up very quickly. And it has, the squares are almost done now, only 8 more to go! Part of me really wants to stay up late tonight and just finish them right now but I think I will do the more mature thing instead and finish them tomorow. Also I think it will be very satisfying to be able to take some pictures then with all of them finished and not be exhausted and have the time to arrange them nicely and lay them out in the pattern to see how it looks in real life.

Funny enough though, in my rush to finish actually making the squares I have completely forgotten to research what I will need to do to finish them after. I’ve noticed before that the yarn I’m using runs when it comes into contact with hot water. This could be a major problem if I don’t fix it before I sew it up as I don’t want the lighter coloured squares to change colours, and I’m planning on machine washing this blanket after its done and perhaps felting it which in its present state will cause a lot of dye leakage. So I somehow need to get the excess dye out of the yarn or I need to set the dye so it doesn’t leave the yarn in the first place and I just have no idea how I’m going to do that yet.

Has anyone else had this problem before? and if so how did you go about solving it? 

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