Bits and Pieces

Lately I’ve just been plugging away at all my long term projects it seems and as a result I don’t really have much in the way of interesting pictures to show you. 

I’m nearing completion of the squares for my zoom loom blanket, I have decided on a pattern (I think) and according to that I have 20-30 left to weave. Almost there! (The picture is a bit outdated now, I’ve added annother 8 orange squares since then.)


I have also been working on annother blanket which I haven’t posted about here yet but that I feel deserves its own separate post so I won’t go into detail on yet and I’ve also been working a bit on the Gandalf socks but not much progress has been made. 

In the past little while I have been working mostly on knitting and I have hardly spun at all, but spinning is perfect for when you need a short simple distraction so in the past week I’ve picked it back up again. I’m working on my supported spinning right now with some no-name fibre that I had lying around and I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of it! 


It’s becoming more natural to flick the spindle left-handed (I decided to learn that way again so that eventually I will be able to go between supported and suspended for the same project) and I think it’s becoming more even but I’m struggling with moving beyond park and draft. I can’t seem to keep the spindle spinning while I draft out. Does anyone who spins supported have any suggestions or helpful hints? 

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