Sock Sunday: Pennsylvania and Unfortunate Holes

The first sock of the Pennsylvania pair is done.

pennsylvania forest

I’m partway done the second pair, but unfortunately I had to take a break from knitting them because the needles I am using (Hiya-Hiya Sharps) keep poking holes in the tips of my pointer fingers. It’s really quite awful actually, after a couple of hours working with these needles the tips of my fingers split, its almost like a really deep paper cut but without blood, right on the spots where I push on the needles to knit and naturally the sharp metal needles poke into it every time I make a stitch and its very painful. I actually cast on a second pair of socks to work on instead (The Samwise Socks) which seems very counter intuitive because I’m knitting them on almost identical needles (Same size and type) but because its a different brand (ChiaoGoo Knit Red) its fine. I think it must have to do with the particular shape of the Hiya-Hiya Sharp points because I find that I have the same problem with my Hiya-Hiya Sharp DPNs (my Knitters Pride ones were always fine, though sadly I have lost two of them and can’t use them for socks anymore). I think I might have to look into getting myself some more sock needles from different brands to replace the Sharp ones because I’m really getting sick of having holes in my fingers.

I’m curious though, does anyone else have this happen when they knit with certain needles? If so, do you have any tricks to prevent this from happening?

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