Sock Sunday: Pennsylvania Forest 

This week I decided to take a bit of a knitting break from all the challenging super cabled socks that I have been working on and do something more relaxing. I also decided to use some yarn that I bought on vacation in Pennsylvania a while ago and never got made into anything, it’s Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock in the colour Camouflage. The socks that I decided to knit in the end are a pattern called Mirkwood by Rebecca Wilder and so far I have been really enjoying the pattern and it have been speeding right along (it probably also helps that I’m knitting a size small). I started them 3 days ago and I’ve already turned the first heel.

I really like the pattern on the heel flap, it’s called eye of partridge or a Dutch heel (I’ve seen it called both) and it has a very plush feeling texture that I find to be very pleasant.

Here’s the view from the front too.

I find it really funny that I take a break from knitting cabled Lord of the Rings socks by knitting cabled Lord of the Rings socks, I just couldn’t resist! I guess this pair is going to be a bit of a bonus pair in my Lord of the Rings sock knitting series.

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