Knitting Monogamy and Sweater Progress

I’m not normally the type of knitter that only works on one project at a time, usually I have quite a few on the go at any given time (if I’m honest it’s around 5 plus spinning projects) and I work on whichever fits the mood or situation best. Lately though that hasn’t been the case, I have been working pretty much only on my sweater. I feel like I haven’t been knitting much lately because I haven’t been working on many projects but that’s actually not the case, I have actually gotten noticably a fair bit done on my sweater so I thought I would post an update.

One sleeve is halfway done now and both sleevecaps are done, and it’s fitting properly too! I may yet be able to finish this before the cold ends this year. 

(On a side note it’s March and the Merry socks still aren’t done, probably because I haven’t been knitting them very much at all since I’ve been working on the sweater, but hopefully they will be off the needles soon anyways.)

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