Work in Progress Wednesday: Sleevecap and Sockleg

I havn’t had a huge amount of knitting time lately but I’ve managed to make some progress on my sweater in the past few days. I’ve finished the first sleevecap now. 

I think that I am going to finish the second sleevecap next and then all I will have left to do is go around and around (foreverish) instead of doing a million short rows on dpns with a heavy sweater hanging off of them.

I’ve also summoned some motivation to keep working on the Merry socks and I finished the leg on the first sock and am partly through the heel flap now. 

I’m quite bored of these socks now despite how nice they look and feel, I think it’s because they are just so big and are taking a long time, hopefully I can finish these soon and start something new. I’m thinking that I might make the Gandalf socks next, or maybe just a plain pair of non-fellowship socks.

What’s on your needles this week? 

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