Forgetful Friday: Current Knitting Loves

So, this week I kinda sorta forgot to knit.

I know that sounds totally crazy but I just got so wrapped up other things that I didn’t leave any time to knit. I spent A LOT of time baking and cooking this week and just relaxing and hanging out and it was quite a wonderful week.

So since I have absolutely no progress to show you on anything I thought I would share some of the patterns that I’m drooling over on Ravelry and really badly want to cast on right now (or already have). Most of these are pullovers right now, probably because its been -20Celsius-ish for the past week and I have been feeling cold all the time.

Ommegang by Thea Colman: I saw this just yesterday and it is totally my style and I think its fantastic. If I had the right yarn for it I would totally have cast on right then. This is in my queue and to be honest I have left the tab open in my browser since then so I can continue to go back to it and drool throughout the day.

Tarian by Thayer Preece Parker: So I am actually making this already so maybe it doesn’t count but I still think its totally fantastic so I decided to include it anyways.

Ancient Runes by Olivia Pelaez: This is another one that I have already cast on but still really love. I’ve maybe completed 10% of it so far and I’m making it out of a lovely red tweed yarn that used to be the first sweater I ever knit but never wore. I think that it will get much more wear as this sweater and I can’t wait to actually have time to work on it.

Cumbria Sweater by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence: This is the next sweater in my queue (after I finish the two that are on the needles already). I already have the yarn for it actually too, its a nice dark grey/brown and I think is going to be another well worn sweater once I knit it.

Twelve Cables Pullover by Ashley Rao: I saw this sweater on Pinterest actually, I don’t plan on making it any time soon but I just think that it looks so cool that I had to include it on the list too.

Hitchhiker by Martina Behm: I have seen so many beautiful hitchhikers lately that I am beginning to feel like making one myself. I would have to find (or make) the right yarn for it and also I need to finish some more of my many WIPs first so this is more of a distant cast on I think.

Finally I am keeping my eyes peeled for a fingering weight cardigan pattern, though I haven’t found one I absolutely love yet. I was given a whole cone of beautiful creme coloured fingering weight yarn and I think I might have a sweater’s worth of it (almost 400g). Of course, I don’t have a clue what yarn it is, what it’s made of, or the yardage I have, but I’m sure I can find something that I can make work for it. I would love some suggestions though, does anyone have any fingering weight cardigan patterns that they really like?

P.S.  I totally only just realized now that its Saturday (that’s what a week out of your usual schedule does to you I guess) and I should be writing about spinning today, but I don’t feel like deleting this and writing a whole new post and I haven’t done much spinning this week either so I’m just gonna go with it. Happy Saturday everyone!

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