Valentine’s Day

I had a great Valentine’s Day today! Bilbo liked the mittens and I got a picture of him wearing them too.
I didn’t get much woolly stuff done today, I spun a tiny little bit on the blue and gold spinning project while we watched the Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Rings, but mostly I just enjoyed the movie. I also enjoyed our feet, both in handknit socks.

A year ago today was the first time I gave Bilbo a pair of handknit socks and I’m very pleased to say that they still don’t have any holes in them and they have held up much better than the store bought ones. The socks I’m wearing (the red and grey ones) are made from leftovers from that pair of socks, and they might just be one of my favourite pairs of socks.

Most of my day today I spent baking and cooking, it was really nice! I baked some cornmeal muffins which are my all time favourite (we have eaten around half of what is in the picture already).

And we also made some special Valentine’s Day pizza today.

For some reason it has become tradition to have homemade pink, heart shaped pizza on Valentine’s Day and it’s both a lot of fun and delicious. And to top it all off we had a slice of cheesecake for dessert (pink and white of course).


All in all I had a wonderful day, I hope you all had as great a Valentine’s Day as I had!

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