Finished Object Friday: Binary Mittens

They’re finally done!

I am actually super impressed with myself that I got them done in time, this was my first spinning project that I actually spun with a project in mind and a deadline, and I made it. I will definitely do it again but next time I will probably either use a yarn that has more stitch definition or do a pattern that is simple and memorisable so that it would be more portable.

I really can’t wait to celebrate Valentine’s Day tomorrow, and to give these mittens to Bilbo.

I actually think the main reason why I like Valentine’s Day so much is because it gives me a really great excuse to knit things for Bilbo, I just find it so enjoyable to knit for him.

I would love to know, do any of you knit things for Valentine’s Day too? If so, what did you make this year? Or in past years?

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