Spinning Saturday: Blue and Gold Sock Yarn 1/3 done

So I kinda stretched the truth a bit with this post’s title, it’s not done as of now but the goal is by the end of the day.

I think it’s doable. The reason that I really want it done today is that I’m afraid that I’m going to run out of yarn for the binary mitts and if I need to spin more in a hurry I need this spindle free.

Here’s where it’s at now and the yarn I have left. I often over estimate how much yarn I need for a project and it often turns out that I actually do have enough when I actually go and try it. What do you think, does it look like I have enough yarn left to finish?

Back to the Blue and Gold yarn though though, I read about this really cool new (to me) technique online the other day and I’m wondering if I should try it. It’s called Opposing Ply Yarn and it’s when you spin all but one singles for a yarn in your usual direction and then ply them all in your usual plying direction (so for me I would spin two singles counter-clockwise (which I have already mostly done) and one clockwise and then ply it all clockwise too). Apparently it makes your yarn stronger and wear better which would be good for the socks that I am intending this yarn for but I’m worried whether it would make my socks look kinda funny of bumpy. Has anyone ever tried this technique or knitted with opposing ply yarn? What are your thoughts, should I try it out?

2 thoughts on “Spinning Saturday: Blue and Gold Sock Yarn 1/3 done

  1. Weigh the ball and the mitt you already have. I’m always surprised by how much is in the ball. If I’m really worried I’ve been known to pull the knitting off the needles so I can weigh it too along with the ball.


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