Work in Progress Wednesday: Merry Socks

I’m making progress on the Merry Socks, I’ve finished the heel turn on the first sock and am working on the gusset now. I’ve had a really frustrating time making the heel flap look right though but the heel flap in my picture below is how it’s supposed to look (or as close as I could make it).

Here’s why I had so much trouble, the heel flap that is shown on the sample that is featured in the pattern’s pictures is not the one that is written out in the pattern itself! And frankly, a slip stitch heel just doesn’t look as good with the intensely cabled sock as the one in the picture, it cuts the flow of the sock off in a really funny way.

In the end, I did manage to use my knitting skills to figure out how to reproduce the heel flap that was pictured and it does look good, but it really annoyed me that I had to take the time to figure out how it was going to work when I was expecting to just follow the pattern without having to pay too much attention to it. I also looked up the other patterns in the collection and there are some that are written with the correct heel flap but there are others that I will be modifying to make them look right. I bought the pattern because I liked the way that the sample looked and I expected to get instructions to make that sock myself, I think that it’s really misleading that the instructions that I bought (this was a paid pattern) do not mirror the sock that was shown as the sample! Is it really so crazy to expect that they would the same?

Has anyone else experienced anything like this before? Should I contact the designer about it?

Well I hope your knitting is going more smoothly than mine is this week, happy knitting!

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